Friday, July 23, 2010

Woman beauty beauty to sleep well, "San-Jue"

Sleep quality is also affected by sleep state when the spirit. If you would like bothering the situation before going to sleep, will reduce the quality of sleep. U.S. researchers found that the couple gets up during the day, both sides are often poor quality of sleep at night; the contrary, if the husband and wife sleeping at night, the next day husband and wife will also be affected.

Human life, about 1 / 3 of the time spent in sleep. Sleep, make people feel refreshed and energetic; the contrary is listless, Shenbushoushe. For women, sleep and health are closely related in addition to, and beauty and also plays a key role. Choose the best time to develop a reasonable sleep habits tend to have a multiplier effect.

Beauty feel "beauty felt" the time is 22:00 to 2:00 the next day. The results show that two points from midnight to early morning, were the most active metabolism of epidermal cells, skin cell regeneration, skin self-adjustment. At this point, if staying up late will affect the rate of cell regeneration, leading to skin aging. Therefore, sleeping "beauty sense" to maintain the delicate facial skin is very effective, better than many big-name skin care products.

Sub-afternoon nap "child nap" is the hour of midnight (23:00 pm to 1:00) and noon (11:00 to 13:00) This two hours of sleep. According to "Yellow Emperor" of the sleep theory, neutrons height yin, yang weak, then the best sleep, sleep quality is the highest. Noon height yang, yin weakness, "the yin to do is sleep soundly," so late in the morning should be sleeping. But lunch "break" a half hour, and then will affect night sleep. More sub-nap sleep, after all a good way to stay healthy. Feel withdrawn from circulation after the morning wake up, the brain does not immediately enter the normal excited state, but by inhibiting the transition state to the excited state, so suddenly woke up and forced to get up, often feel dizzy, head pain, blood pressure instability. Morning wake up can sleep a "returning sense" of brain activity to re-adjust, ultimately, completely sober.

Therefore, the time and conditions permit, the morning even if it s up and do something, but still sleepy can sleep a "returning sense", to ensure their day full of energy.

Friday, July 16, 2010

8 Great Food sweep toxins from the body of light woman

Our bodies have a lot of nutrition, but also many of the garbage. That is why we often detoxification why. Our bodies, when carrying out metabolism will have a lot of "toxic waste" and, as we now find ourselves in this environment, we are often from more or less clean, with Bu inhaled substances in the air a lot of harmful particles , there are toxic gases.

Although the human body have a certain ability to automatically clear the toxins, but when the body's waste too much time saving Xu Du, or the body's detoxification functions decreased when the sewage, toxic waste in our bodies can not be promptly discharged from, the affect our health, the most common phenomenon is the face acne or constipation, and more serious, not that everyone knows.

Given this situation, Xiao Bian today can give you about 8 kinds of detoxification of food, let your daily diet can not only absorb the nutrients the body needs, you can also rid the body of toxins, sweep away the rubbish in your body so your whole body relaxed, no disease without pain.

1. Green leafy vegetables, leafy vegetable in the mostly alkaline, you can and in diet of sugar, meat, eggs and metabolic acid produced too much material, so that fluid can maintain alkaline, so clear the blood of toxins. Eat it optional radish leaf vegetables, cabbage, rape leaves, spinach, kale, Chinese cabbage, carrots, cauliflower, kale, etc..

2. Coarse eat sweet potatoes, potatoes, corn, buckwheat and other coarse grains will help to maintain the patency of stool, so the body will not long delay intestinal poisons. Coarse grain contains many refined grains (or finishing food) by the lack of special vitamins and minerals. These nutrients help to regulate the environment inside the stomach, easy to be absorbed and increase resistance to disease immunity.

3. Heart-healthy benefits of wine drinking wine. It is rich in citric acid, also an alkaline beverage, which is one of many alcoholic beverages do not have. Have reported that drinking wine can prevent and correct the acidosis, as well as detoxification diuretic effect. In recent years, also see the effects for the treatment of gout.

4. Tempeh study found that eating tempeh help digestion, strengthen the brain, liver detoxification capacity to improve results. Can promote metabolism, remove toxins in blood, blood cleansing effect. In addition, the lobster sauce also contains a lot of urokinase to dissolve clots, including a large number of B vitamins and antibiotics, can prevent Alzheimer's disease.

5. Optional fresh fruit or fruit juice lemon, orange, grapefruit, grapes, sugar cane juice, plums, apples, tomatoes and so on. Although often isolated and sour fruit flavor, but the in vivo metabolism to become alkaline, and can maintain the alkaline blood. In particular, they can accumulate the toxins in the cells, "soluble" and eventually excreted by the excretory system.

6. Detoxifying green tea green tea has many factors, they are vulnerable and the combination of toxic substances in the blood and accelerate discharge from the urine. Green tea can prevent cancer and blood lipid. Nicotine smokers drink more green tea can reduce the damage. 7. Seaweed and laver which contains a lot of gum. To purge the body to promote the radioactive poison excreted along with feces. When cancer patients receiving chemotherapy is beneficial to eat more seaweed. They are considered basic food, purify the blood effect. Eat kelp and seaweed to reduce the incidence of cancer.

8. Black fungus black fungus can inhibit platelet aggregation, can lower cholesterol, the beneficial cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. Auricularia gum will remain in the human digestive system contribute to the absorption and accumulation of dust and impurities removed from the body, clear polyester gastrointestinal.

Interesting: Erotic wife every day, "dalliance" I

Wife is a white-collar workers, dressed in a dignified and elegant every day to work. In front of others and act appropriately. Heard the occasional rude joke, face still red, a Wenliang Gong humility of Liangjianvzai phase.

But privately, whether at home or in public office, she was a "color" phase is really being himself.

For example, to find a few of her little misdeeds:

1, I go to work longer than she had always wake-up call at 8:00 when her long fight, do not take. Finally, finally heard her Diadia of: "Hey -" first heard her on the phone to blow, and then said: "The phone's vibration ... ... ... ... yo good comfortable, unfortunately not waterproof ... ... are flooding the Yellow River woven ... ... "Then her laughter.

2, close to noon, call asked her what busy, answer was: "busy," "hoe Wo days when the afternoon ah, Wo soil under heavily; sweat." Hear her laughter, I discovered that she was in the intention is not right. She often would drill into my arms asked: "Do you call it hoe Wo, who told when the afternoon it?"

3, is attentive watch on television advertising in the beauty breast, she heard voices coming from the computer forward setting, dancing strip Yanwu, remove the shirt, with a more sultry than the ad shows her small breasts posture .

Ad stop, she slips drill down to the computer, all seriousness.

4, take a coin, rub over, thieves devastated to say: "I teach you a trick molested female colleagues in the game." Clip her fingers a good coin, said: "I ask you a question, out of coins before you answer . "The first question:" How old are you? "I'm out of coins from her fingers and answered.

The second problem, too.

Last Question: "Your bridal night my husband and the first thing you said what?" I Shijin pumping can not spare coins, the power of her with both hands clenched, let me out of coins, I then said: " you clip too tight, I could not pull. "And she would laugh wildly. Shouted success. I learned to not ask.

5, night eating instant noodles, and she cooked, lying on the three poached, a sausage. She sub-Sahara to flow kind of looked at me: "You two eggs on a gut, and one should be me." She saw the grin, hilarious.

6, along with walking on the road, she always took my hand trousers waist. I say comfortable, let her release, she was all seriousness and said: "Who told you to handle long in front of children, not long back then," "I have nothing to pull, pull here only friends."

Seven, written word, she suddenly from his chin pen support, seriously asked me: "That, that 'bite' how to write the word again?" I answer her honestly, "is 'oral' chanting." She smiled, but also know she Conspiracy.

Only three strategies to attract men, women success

Recent discussions in the network to see what kind of person many of the opposite sex whom make "let them go," the article, on the attractiveness of women to men in terms of being listed with tenderness, talent, beauty, personality, and many aspects that's very sensible. After seeing it, especially the United States would like from a different perspective, another said his experience and views, it counted as a number of additional. Women rely on to attract men? Women on how men can be attractive, will last a long time? Seemingly simple question, the answer is always confusing.

So beloved boyfriend, or husband on his long time full of fascination, unable to stop, it would have for every woman beautiful hearts desire. But this desire has always been overlooked and reality near or far, in real life, some women in order to achieve this desire to try a variety of ways; some women think that it is impossible to achieve the aspirations and instead hopes in the men's moral conscience, public opinion and the law; also some women take fatalistic attitude .....

Users often women in particular, in the QQ in the United States complained to the distressed, from teenage girls to over middle age, eldest sister, they all face a common difficulty: a man's emotions as time Gaokaidizou, failure rate is far More than a man's sexuality, and men's emotions more than the face of a woman can not withstand the years, a man far the most difficult of all the things prematurely.

Girls are often angry that her boyfriend or husband to love another woman passing than he actually said nothing swallow that tone. This allows in particular the United States think of before seen a Japanese romance drama "do not believe in time", the story full-time wife young and beautiful, in love, actually lost the offensive and defensive in the age of 30 in the Ginza nightclub Mama Sang, many viewers read the first couple of stupid director said the two roles of the actress with the anti-a, should change over fishes, but that later on understand and admire the director's intention.

We can attract women to men is divided into three levels, each level of the way, strength and endurance are not the same.

First level: to attract the eye

Needless to say, and beautiful women to attract men's attention, and attract the attention of women. But this is not a long time to attract a man wandering the streets one day, if he saw a hundred beautiful women, a week later, he still had the impression that the general will not exceed three.

To attract the eye is a ubiquitous, but forgot to look over both the attraction. Today, most women understand this, it is generally not a boyfriend or husband will be beautiful when the streets are too concerned about the madness of scanning, but also enjoyed.

The second level: the body to attract

A woman's body, especially the young and beautiful body, although the attractiveness of the men can not say absolutely can not resist, But the powerful extent Everyone knows that the so-called "hero becomes a prisoner," or else how could it at all times Total number of beauty and potential rules?

Unfortunately, too many women wrongly believe that physical attraction to men is triumphant arms, in fact, although the start seems to always succeed and often very quickly, but not on the failure of which to. Spread everywhere in the body of this woman's age, the body becomes more and more attractive to men short, even if the models also tend to support a superstar, but three or five years, let alone ordinary woman?

Ace to take the body of a woman to do, play this card at the time to do the hands on the trump card, and later on the mercy of others.

Third level: the mind to attract

Let a man infatuated with the woman a long time to let them go, is to attract the soul.

As women have a G point inside the vagina, once touched by men will Yuxianyusi let them go, man to the heart also has a G point, the soul will encounter once they are disarmed a woman, obedient. Do not believe it? You have not seen how well some women do not seem to, and how other women do not like how it was, has chosen to be very good men on their great joy, never betray. People can not understand will only say, "he owed her past life", or "repair her past life to the" but we really do have past lives and future life? Even if we do not know the real reason is: She touch touched his heart G point!

That touch the soul is valuable for men, or even paramount. Like life, some women do not know the physiological G point where neither can enjoy his life outside the body that the soul flying pleasure, some men also are not aware of their spiritual life and where the point G, Despite the hard life of struggle, even earn that rich, life had gone, or did not taste the life that truly comes from within the taste of happiness.

The Internet, in particular the United States from time to time there will be a man asked, "Where is a woman's G point?", Especially the United States has always said: "go home and your wife together to study, this is the fun of belonging to the two of you ah" . Similarly, if someone asked, "men's hearts G ground?", The answer is the same, please love men and women to explore their own right, that this life, but you both a lifetime of fun ah!

While modern science and technology is highly advanced, but both men and women, are still not fully and completely understand their own body, then jump to the Analects their minds? Body's happiness still need two people in bed with each other to explore the soul, fun also need two years of life to go with the desire and pursuit.

Man's soul G point man himself alone is not easy to self-discovery, a woman is not to try mind may never be found. But the two people really, wisdom and efforts together is 1 +1> 2, if found successful, then you do not beauties, and need a talented, even less about you is gentle or forceful, as long as you always remember to touch the touch of a , nudged his soul G point, he will have on your whole life pass up!